Thank you for coming to enjoy Schuyler Park!  A few general reminders to keep it beautiful.

1. Please help to keep our park clean, safe, and in good shape by picking up any trash or empty water bottles and placing them in the trash or recycling bins located throughout the park.

2. New safety nets were just installed along the playground to protect our young athletes.  Please no clmbing on the nets, they are not designed to support the weight of a child but to protect them from any stray balls.

3. Absolutely NO dogs permitted in the park.  Do not take this personal, we all love our dogs, but you know why we can't let them on the fields, please respect that.

4. Absolutely NO vehicles are permitted on the fields at any time.  This may result in damage to turf and the creation of an unsafe playing surface and possible damage to the inground irrigation system.

Q. What is the time frame for this project?

A. While we have a master plan for the site, it will definitely be completed in phases. The first phase was work behind the scenes for over a year, completing the master plan and conducting the necessary and required studies. In September 2008, approximately 7.5 acres of the site began being cleared, with trees being cut and removed and the ground being leveled. The majority of the work was completed in 2009 with our offical opening in the spring of 2010. In 2012 the park introduced our playground and the Ryan Rossley Pavilion.  In late 2014 the baseball field was expanded to a regulation size little league field.  This phase was completed in the spring of 2015 with the installation of the irrigation system, infield mix and sod. In 2019 the west side pavilion was completed.  Other portions of the project will be phased in after that as time and funds allow.